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Join in on “A Festival of Friendship” in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Third Content Update!

16 Feb 2023 2:00 PM

Hey Valley Villagers!

As of right NOW, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s third free, major content update, “A Festival of Friendship” is live on all platforms! Expect new friends, new features, and just a hint of frost and Forgetting – but more on that later.

Disney Centennial Celebration

News content  Disney Dreamlight Valley

We’re joining in on Disney’s 100th anniversary celebrations with a Dreamlight twist! The first Star Path of 2023 celebrates the legacy of Disney’s many years of creativity and imagination. By completing duties centered around Mickey and the game’s roster of Disney and Pixar friends, you’ll have the opportunity to claim clothing and furniture inspired by real-world Disney100 items. You’ll also be able to dress up Minnie and Mickey in new Dream Styles based off their Disney Parks Centennial outfits! 

The Frosted Heights gets even more frosty

Break out your warmest outfit before heading north in this update! A puzzling blizzard has taken over the Frosted Heights – and it’s up to you to uncover its origins. While working alongside Merlin and Elsa to dissipate the wintry chaos, you’ll also ‘make’ a new friend who’s a fan of warm hugs – Olaf from Disney’s Frozen!

The Power of Friendship

News content  Disney Dreamlight Valley

Olaf isn’t the only new friend to meet in this update. Once you find the ‘key’ to Mini-Casita, Mirabel from Disney’s Encanto will join your Valley! You will need to harness both the power of friendship and Dreamlight to undo the effects the Forgetting has had on Mini-Casita. Mirabel’s unique skills in resolving family conflicts will also play a key role in restoring harmony back to Dreamlight Valley. 

A New Way to Play!

This newest update also marks the launch of the in-game Premium Shop! Players can exchange their Moonstones for an exclusive rotation of cosmetic items that will not be sold elsewhere. Go shopping for premium clothing, furniture, or even change the appearance of your house into a cottage or a palace. 

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Scrooge McDuck from adding additional brand-new items to his store! Sell off those pumpkins you’ve been holding onto and make sure you have some Star Coins set aside for new furniture and clothing items.

Community Driven Features

As always, we’re so excited to see you dive into all of the new content coming in this update – but we also wanted to take the time to share more about some of the new features that have been included, inspired by your comments and feedback! Here’s just a few of the changes and additions that you can expect in this update:

  • - Storage optimization. We know that many of our players can’t leave things nailed to the floor – that’s why we’re happy to share that you will have access to a plethora of new storage options! As of this update, you’ll be able to craft additional tiers of storage chests to suit your collecting needs and utilize other furniture (such as fridges and dressers) as storage spaces.
  • - While we loved watching you label your chests by leaving fish on the floor or piling hoards of items on tables, we’ve created a clearer labeling system! With the addition of a new craftable signpost, players can choose from a variety of labels to organize their Valleys.
  • - House skins are HERE! In addition to new House Dream Styles available for purchase in the Premium Shop, you’ll be able to change the color of your house (once your home is fully upgraded) to a variety of colorways for FREE from the Furniture Menu.
  • - Update to Interior Doors. You’ll now be able to change the interior doors in your homes once you’ve fully upgraded your home. What’s more is that you can change their placements as well! Note that any doors placed previously will automatically be added back to your furniture inventory. 

That’s not all! In addition to these features, there are many other features and improvements we have included in this update. For a more exhaustive list, please check out our previous blog article HERE.

Bug Issues and Resolutions

Finally, yet importantly, we are continuously releasing many fixes for top issues that were reported by the Disney Dreamlight Valley Community. We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who reported their issues, but also for everyone’s patience while we work to resolve them. 

As the game is still in early access, we will continue to do our best to address issues as they occur, and proactively prevent further bugs. For a full list of what has been included in this Update, please see HERE.

Should you run into any issues while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, we first recommend that you check out our known issues HERE. If you don’t see the issue you’re running into, you can get in touch with our Support team via our contact form. Running into issues with a certain quest or objective? Check out our friendly Discord Community for some Disney Dreamlight Valley tips and tricks! 


See you in the Valley!