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The Pumpkin King Returns Update Patch Notes

04 Dec 2023 5:00 PM

Hey Valley Villagers!

It’s patch notes day – and we’ve got a lot of exciting new content and bug fixes to share with you!

The Pumpkin King Returns Update marks the end of early access for Disney Dreamlight Valley, but we’re not slowing down on sharing free updates filled with exciting content! The Master of Fright himself, Jack Skellington, can’t wait to ring in the holidays with you, so keep an eye out for signs of him around your village. We’re also excited to bring a touch of frosty fun to your Valley with our new Royal Winter Star Path, featuring iconic wintery Dream Styles for Belle and Ariel and more exciting cozy additions. We’re also introducing new quality of life features and bug fixes.

Check out all the details below: 


- Get ready to welcome the Pumpkin King to your Valley! Jack Skellington arrives along with new quests and unique items that will help bring the excitement of Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas to your Village.

- An all-new multiplayer mode comes to the game with Valley Visits. Hang out, share items, and collect new Pixel Shards to craft powerful cooking and crafting buffs!

- Make your Valley into a royal winter wonderland with the new Royal Winter Star Path.

- Explore new optional items in the Premium Shop for a limited time.

- Complete new weekly DreamSnaps challenges to show off your unique style and win Moonstones.

- Keep an eye out for gifts and wrapping paper around the Valley with the return of the holiday event.

- Knee length versions of basic skirts added to provide you with more outfit options!

- Have more control over your Valley with the ability to add and remove Villagers using the map menu. Please note that villagers will always appear in your village if required for a quest.

- Some characters have received updates to their animations – enjoy catching them emoting across your Valley!

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time expansion pass is available now, offering the first of three epic Acts! Click here to see what you can expect.


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Mickey and Friends, and Moana furniture collections feature small changes in color and shape, all aimed at creating a more cohesive and unified look.

Goofy’s Signature Hat is now more iconically Goofy – it has been sized up to match his own hat in-game.

Adjusted hem length of cropped tops to match length of “Heart of Te Fiti” Camisole.

Minnie’s Dinner Party Gown hem lengthened.

Roughed up Ralph’s Sturdy Overalls by removing the patches and adding signs of wear and tear.

Mickey-Mouse-Patch Jean Jacket back patch adjusted.

Moana’s fishing stall adjusted to more accurately depict her wa'a kaulua.

- A bug related to the Pumpkin House not correctly appearing in the Forgotten Lands for some players has been fixed.

- “Deal of the Day: The Chocolate Fountain”: A bug related to the spawning of ice shards has been fixed.

- “Strut Your Stuff: a bug related to the spawning of Sunbird feathers has been fixed.

- “Lair Sweet Lair”: A bug related to the spawning of paper has been fixed.

- “The Great Blizzard”: A bug related to the spawning of water particles has been fixed.

- “A Broken Sled”: A bug related to the game freezing while trying to pick up the sled has been fixed.

- “What Home Feels Like”: a bug related to the secret chest spawning has been addressed to unblock any players who encounter the issue.

- A bug related to Lioness Statue in the Forest of Valor becoming unreachable has been addressed.

- A variety of bugs related to the appearance of certain items, including furniture and level blockers when viewed with certain graphical settings, has been fixed.

- An issue with villagers spawning too close to each other, causing graphical issues, has been fixed.


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