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First Look at Four of the Valley Biomes

13 May 2022 4:00 PM

Welcome to your Dreamlight Biome sneak-peek. Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m one of your two Community Managers here at Gameloft. You’ll meet your other Community Manager Kailey later, but for now, you’re stuck with me!

I hope you enjoyed checking out some exclusive first looks at the biomes of Dreamlight Valley with us over on social media! These are just a few of the biomes you can expect to find at the start of the early access on PC, Mac, and console. As part of this blog post, I’m here to give you the inside scoop on some things you may have missed in our biome feature shots (or that we may have omitted to keep this blog post extra interesting).



First, I’d like to talk to you a bit about what biomes are in Dreamlight Valley! In this world of dreams, we wanted players to be able to explore and escape within a world where they can expect to find some of their favorite Disney and Pixar friends. It was important for us when designing the Dreamlight Valley map to think about where we would expect to find some of our long-lost friends to help bring our long-lost dreams to life. Perhaps, a certain Sea Witch would enjoy a discreet seaside location, or a beloved Snow Queen would retreat to a frosted land. 

The Dreamlight Valley experience is all about putting you in charge of the adventure! As you progress through your story, you’ll be able to move your home and your character friends’ homes to live in different areas of the village in any of the biomes. We can’t wait for you to unveil the secrets, mysteries, and unique traits of each area! 

Now, let’s deep dive on a few of my favorite biomes!



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Featured on our Twitter, we have the Plaza! Your starting point in the game, the Plaza is filled with incredible resources and tools that will kick-start your journey — as well as some beloved characters who will help you get started. 

While our sneak peek above shows an idyllic sunset, you’ll have your hands full with the Night Thorns that have run amuck. You’ll need to rebuild this once-happy place and uncover its secrets — chief among them being: Exactly HOW MANY hidden Mickeys can you find in the image above?



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When working to decide which biomes I wanted to reveal to you, I just knew I had to give you this sneak peek at the Glade of Trust, because it is one of my favorite areas in the game! When I joined the Disney Dreamlight Valley team, I was fortunate enough to spend hours testing the game and I immediately fell in love with the Glade of Trust. This area will be one of the first destinations you can choose to unlock, but only you can decide where your adventure will lead you! My early adventures led me straight to the Glade – enamored by its hazy atmosphere and exciting new resources, I couldn’t spend enough time here.

One of the most exciting things about this swampy zone is that it has an incredibly different feeling from some of the more vibrant areas of the world of Dreamlight Valley. You’ll also find stunning new flora like the glowing lotuses in the water and exciting new fauna — a certain pink reptile to be exact!



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If you’re in the mood for ocean fishing, or feeding a turtle or two, Dazzle Beach is the place to be! I’ve been a fan of Disney’s Moana since it came out, and what better place to share YOUR love for the film and its characters than the sandy shores of Dreamlight Valley! Not only can you go fishing with Moana, but you’ll be able to help rebuild her wa'a kaulua, pictured in the background.

Pictured in the foreground, however, is… your typical beach rock formation… right? No? Well, then that means it must be a Dreamlight Valley Pillar! What it does, however, will be up to you to unlock and find out!



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Looks like night is settling upon Dreamlight Valley, and we’re ending with the Peaceful Meadow, featured on our Instagram! Remember those glowing lotuses from the Glade of Trust? You can also place them in the Meadow — and they look stunning at dusk. Many items in Disney Dreamlight Valley feature dynamic lights that help set the mood for your adventures from dawn to dusk.

You’ll also notice that quite a few Valley residents have made their homes in the Peaceful Meadow — maybe you can guess whose house is on the right by its unique hat topper!

I hope you enjoyed your preview of what’s to come. To make sure you’re up-to-date on everything Disney Dreamlight Valley, be sure to follow our social pages below!








See you in the Valley!