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DreamSnaps Update

Hey Valley Villagers! 

Summer is finally here – and so is new content for Disney Dreamlight Valley! Expect plenty of sweet surprises out of our DreamSnaps Feature Update, from a new Villager to new ways to earn Moonstones and other prizes. 

Your Valley Levels Up 

Teased in our Roadmaps earlier this year, a new Villager races into the Valley in this update – Vanellope! While she brings her candy-sweet cuteness to the Valley, she also has her own opinions on how the Valley could ‘level up’! Join her in a series of game-inspired quests, from Extreme Valley Design to LARPing. She’ll also help you get your Valley looking picture perfect for… DreamSnaps! 


News content  Disney Dreamlight ValleyIn helping Vanellope rejoin the Valley, you’ll harness the power of a new magic – Pixel Dust! Once you’ve collected enough to welcome Vanellope through a DreamSnaps tutorial, you’ll fully unlock DreamSnaps – a fun new competitive game mode where you can unleash your creativity each week in a variety of ever-changing challenges. Every week, DreamSnaps will feature a new theme that you have to either dress or decorate for, granting you additional Pixel Dust that will unlock rewards as you continue to participate.

Our team is incredibly excited to bring this feature to our Early Access players, and will continue to explore Quality of Life improvements in future updates. We’ll be closely monitoring player feedback to help inform the future of this feature, so let us know what you think on our social channels! 

How DreamSnaps Works  

News content  Disney Dreamlight Valley 
Every Wednesday at 1PM UTC, a new challenge will await you in the Event tab of the Menu. You’ll find a brief description of the challenge theme, and whether you need to use Furniture or Clothing to complete it. Take note of the mandatory and suggested item tags – these will be important factors to keep in mind for your final challenge score! Your final challenge score will determine the Pixel Dust amount you receive – which will in-turn help you level up on the DreamSnaps level track – unlocking a variety of rewards, including clothing, furniture, and even Moonstones. 

In addition to checking on the active challenge requirements in the Menu, you can also find them while in Photo Mode where you’ll be doing the challenge’s heavy lifting. If your photo does not meet the requirements for that week’s challenge, you will be unable to submit it. Additionally, players will not be able to feature Touch of Magic Clothing or Furniture at this time in their DreamSnaps images. Further, snapping photos near Touch of Magic items you’ve created (even while obscured) will not allow you to submit your image, so make sure to frame your images without any in-frame. Stay tuned to our Trello board for fixes for this in the future. 

News content  Disney Dreamlight Valley 

Not sure what items count towards a challenge? In Furniture and Wardrobe mode, you can use the ‘Filters’ button to sort your inventory by tags. You can also use the new DreamSnaps toggle to sort the most relevant items for a given challenge to the top of your inventory, provided you have ones that are applicable.  Missing items for a specific week’s challenge? Don’t forget to talk to Scrooge McDuck to browse his furniture catalogue using item filters. He’d be happy to help contribute his stock to your DreamSnap design – for a few Star Coins, of course. 

News content  Disney Dreamlight Valley 
Once you’ve created the perfect design, be it with Clothing or Furniture depending on the week’s theme, head into Photo Mode. Once you’ve snapped a photo, you’ll see a new option to submit your design. If it fits all the requirements for the theme, your image will successfully be submitted. You can always view your submission in the Event tab of the Menu! 

Changed your mind? You can update your submission by taking a new photo and resubmitting it. Keep in mind that any new submissions will overwrite previously submitted images. 

It’s Time to Vote! 

It doesn’t stop there! The week following each challenge brings a new theme, but also a week-long voting period for the previous challenge, during which you can jump back into the competition and vote on your favorite designs from fellow Valley Villagers! Just visit the Event tab in the Menu, and press the ‘Vote Now’ button. You can earn an additional 50 Moonstones per challenge by voting, so don’t forget to participate each week! 

News content  Disney Dreamlight Valley 
Lastly, it wouldn’t be a competition without prizes! Every participant in a DreamSnaps challenge will earn a minimum of 300 Moonstones and a randomized selection of furniture or clothing items – depending on the week’s challenge type – from Scrooge’s Store*. The better your design performs in a challenge (taking into account both how many items matched that week’s theme and your garnered votes) translates to more Moonstones earned. There are a variety of different prize tiers, with the top five designers bringing home upwards of 5,500 or more Moonstones that week! Moonstones earned can be used to unlock progress in Star Paths or purchase optional cosmetic items from the in-game Premium Shop. 

Keep an eye on your in-game mailbox the Wednesday after a challenge’s voting period to see how well you did in the challenge**, and to claim your Pixel Dust, Moonstones, and other rewards! 

*At this time, both challenge types will grant players randomized clothing items. This will be resolved in a future update. 
**Please note that there is no publicly visible leaderboard. PlayStation users will only be able to participate in DreamSnaps challenges with other PlayStation users. 

Community Based Changes 

While this update focuses on welcoming DreamSnaps and Vanellope to the Valley, we also wanted to take a second to recognize some changes to Disney Dreamlight Valley brought on by you, our players! 

- Tired of seeing the same L-Shaped couch? Scrooge has taken a look at his stock and will now feature less repeats day-to-day. 

- While we saw many fans excited about the blue chest upgrade in the “A Festival of Friendship” update, we wanted to introduce more ways for fans to earn Moonstones in-game, for free. Through participation in DreamSnaps, fans can earn an additional 350 (or more!) Moonstones per week, with rewards increasing depending on their standing in each week’s challenge. 

- Valley Villagers can now zoom around the Valley longer with energy drain caused by hovering reduced by ~80%. 


We’ve also been busy behind the scenes squashing a large amount of bugs. For a full list of what has been included in this Update, please see HERE

Should you run into any issues while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, we first recommend that you check out our known issues HERE. If you don’t see the issue you’re running into, you can get in touch with our Support team via our contact form. Running into issues with a certain quest or objective? Check out our friendly Discord Community for some Disney Dreamlight Valley tips and tricks!