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The Festival of Foolishness

Have you heard the news?

The Festival of Foolishness has begun once again in the Valley – but this time, on our Official Discord! 

Long before the Forgetting, there was a festival dedicated to trickery and nonsense each Spring. As you’ve repelled the Forgetting, memories of the Festival of Foolishness returned to two particular Valley Villagers, Donald Duck and Stitch, and they can’t wait to take part in light-hearted pranks on their friends and neighbors.

But, as usual, they could do with a hero’s help. Through your choices in this interactive story, you’ll decide how the Festival plays out, and claim rewards through a variety of codes along the way.

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How to Play

To get started on your own foolish adventure, head over to our official Discord here:

  • Once you’re a member, visit the Festival of Foolishness Channel in the left-hand menu bar
  • This is a text-based adventure, available in English only. To interact and continue the story, simply click the dialogue/choice option provided via buttons on the Text prompt.
  • If you run into any redemption codes along the way, make sure to copy them down to claim later in-game through the Code Redemption menu. These codes will expire on July 10th, 2023.
  • After you’ve finished the story, you can start over. You may even end up with another ending (and other rewards!), depending on your choices!

This adventure will only be available from May 11th to June 9th, so make sure to take part in this limited-time event now!


Can I play through the story multiple times?
Yes! Once you've completed the story, you will be prompted to start over.

How long do I have to playthrough the story?
The channels for the activation will be live until June 9th.

I can't claim the items from my mailbox!
You will need to have space in your inventory for the items you claim. Make sure that there is room ahead of claiming!

Do I have to join Discord to play?
Yes. You will need to join the Official Disney Dreamlight Valley server for free. Discord membership is free.

Can I play through and claim all the available codes?
Yes! If you play through multiple times, you can find different codes, and claim them through the in-game Code Redemption menu. You can only claim each code once.

Is this activation only in English?

Does participating benefit me in-game?
Yes! Not only will you be able to claim codes that you can redeem in-game, but you will get to experience a unique story featuring some of your favorite Disney Dreamlight Valley characters.

By joining our official Discord as well, you will gain free access to a variety of Community-made resources and find spaces to interact with fellow Valley villagers!