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Prepare and Beware… ‘Scar’s Kingdom’ is coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley!

19 Oct 2022 4:00 PM

Hey Valley Villagers!

We hope you’re ready for the first free major content update for Disney Dreamlight Valley Founder’s Pack owners and Xbox Game Pass members – NOW LIVE! Make sure your Avatar’s dressed for the heat – in this content update, you’ll be headed to the sun-drenched savannahs of the Sunlit Plateau biome where you’ll encounter the most recognizable villain from Disney’s The Lion King Scar. 

In ‘Scar’s Kingdom’, the iconic savannah of the Sunlit Plateau is in peril! The Pillar of Nurturing, once the key to keeping the Plateau vibrant and green, has dried up and is blocked by mysterious and dark magic. In order to bring the Plateau back to life, you’ll team up with Scar – the would-be usurper of the Pride Lands who was trapped while The Forgetting ravaged Dreamlight Valley. You may want to equip your Royal Pickaxe too, as you’ll be headed to a new area deep within the Plateau’s mines to restore the Pillar of Nurturing and find the source of the problem, all while dealing with Scar’s less-than-honest motivations.

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Introducing the Villain Star Path

In addition to Scar’s Kingdom content, you will find a new Star Path awaiting you on the Events page – this time, with a nefarious flair! You will need to tap into your dark side and befriend the villains living in the Valley, or perhaps just skulk around alongside them. As you complete event duties, you’ll be rewarded with tokens that you can spend on exclusive items inspired by Halloween and Disney villains. Sometimes, it’s good to be bad. 

Seasonal Content

With Halloween on the horizon, you will find new items in the Scrooge Shop and new craft-able items at your workbench. We also have a few tricks and treats planned – stay tuned for more news soon! 

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Community Driven Changes

With all the new story, seasonal and Star Path content that has been included in Update 1, we wanted to take a moment to recognize some of the changes that we’ve made to the game based off Community feedback. Listening to the feedback of our passionate Community in the Early Access period is incredibly important to our team and the future of the game. We’re so thankful for everyone who’s taken the time to share their thoughts with us, be it their experiences or feature suggestions! Here’s just a few of the changes and additions that you can expect in Update 1:

- We’ve changed the way that lightning appears in-game due to an accessibility concern for many players.

- We hope that everyone can now enjoy the in-game storms! Plants watered by rain showers will remain watered afterwards – so now even your plants will enjoy the rain much more now.

- Get ready to twin with Ariel and match your hair to even more outfits! We’ve added more hair color options for you to play around with.

- We know how much love you have for your animal companions, so we’ve added a way for you to interact with them! Go give your pets some well-deserved attention for following you around while you planted 99 Okra.

- Donald Duck has finally found his land-legs. You’ll find that he’s less clumsy, and less likely to trip and have a tantrum.

- Remember the Avatar Designer Tool? You shared with us that you loved the photo mode – so we’ve added many of the same features to Disney Dreamlight Valley! We can’t wait to see all your new pics!

Bug issues and resolution

Finally, yet importantly, we are releasing many fixes for top issues that were reported by the Disney Dreamlight Valley Community. We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who reported their issues, but also for everyone’s patience while we work to resolve them. 

As the game is still in early access, we will continue to do our best to address issues as they occur, and proactively prevent further bugs. For a full list of what has been included in this Update, please see HERE.

Should you run into any issues while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, we first recommend that you check out our known issues HERE. If you don’t see the issue you’re running into, you can get in touch with our Support team via our contact form. Running into issues with a certain quest or objective? Check out our friendly Discord Community for some Disney Dreamlight Valley tips and tricks!