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Discover the Thrills & Frills Update and Expansion Pass Act II!

01 May 2024 1:00 PM
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While every day in the Valley is magical, today is extra special! Releasing today is our tenth free update, “Thrills & Frills”, and “The Spark of Imagination” – Act II of the Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time expansion pass – available to all expansion pass owners. 

With each heralding the addition of a new Villager, “Thrills & Frills” is set to reinvigorate your Valley Visits and Touch of Magic designs with new features, while also bringing even more Disney Parks magic to the Valley with new Star Path and Premium Shop content. Meanwhile in “The Spark of Imagination,” Jafar’s quest for a powerful artifact heats up with new quests, puzzles, and further upgrades to your Royal Hourglass and Time Bending Station!


Thrills and Frills Await You in Our Latest Free Update!

Dazzle with Daisy! 

Mickey Mouse has news to share – he’s received a letter from Daisy Duck and she plans to return to the Valley after her own investigation into the source of the Forgetting! Once she’s settled into a fabulous new home, you’ve got a big task ahead of you – helping Donald Duck, reconnect with her! Will you be able to reunite these two love birds after so much time apart?

News content  Disney Dreamlight Valley

Equal parts fashionista, entrepreneur, and advice columnist, Daisy fills the Valley with her vibrant personality and new quests, friendship items, and a unique new building – the Boutique! 


Share Your creativity With Friends at the Boutique!

After watering and nurturing the Boutique to its intended size (… don’t worry, Daisy will explain), you’ll unlock a dazzling new building packed with new features!

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Spread throughout the Boutique, you’ll find mannequins and furniture displays ready for you to display your own custom designs! Interacting with a furniture display will open your furniture Touch of Magic collection, from which you can choose an item you’d like to display. Do take note, some larger items may take up two display spots. Similarly, mannequin displays can be interacted with to display your tailor-made Touch of Magic designs.

Highly requested by our community, these displays give you the ability to share these designs with friends during Valley Visits*†ǂ. While participating in a Valley Visit, visitors can interact with displays to save your Touch of Magic designs to their own collection save slots.

What’s even more exciting is that after visiting a friend’s Valley, you can easily check back in on their Boutique in the future without needing to be on a Valley Visit with that friend! There’s a handy panel located in your Boutique that logs each friend’s Boutique after you finish a Valley Visit. So long as you’re connected to online services, you can revisit a copy of their Boutique by yourself. While this will not allow you access to the rest of their Valley, this copy of their Boutique will stay up-to-date with any changes they make to their curated collection, so it’s a great way to keep up to date on your friends’ style journeys!

In addition to these chic displays, the Boutique is also home to a new way to challenge yourself each day. Flex your creative muscles as you help Daisy decorate a corner of the Boutique, complete with trendy mannequins, to show off your personal style and collection! Be sure to check in with her every day for renewed inspiration to draw upon. As you take on these challenges and help Daisy keep the Boutique looking fresh and exciting, you’ll be able to unlock new Touch of Magic clothing and furniture bases, as well as exclusive items!

* Multiplayer requires an internet connection.

† While Disney Dreamlight Valley supports cross-play between Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, and Apple Arcade platforms, PlayStation users can only engage in multiplayer with other PlayStation users.

ǂ Touch of Magic designs from other players' Valleys will not be visible to Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition players.


Build Your Own Dreamlight Park!

The magic of Disney Parks returns in our new “A Day at Disney” Star Path! With items inspired by Mickey’s Toontown and Toy Story Land, you can put a spin on your Valley by building your own ‘Dreamlight Park’ with attractions such as Alien Swirling Saucers, Magic Carpets of Aladdin, and more. Daisy and Minnie also delight in new unlockable Dream Styles, drawing inspiration from the Storybook Circus at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom.

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Keep an eye on the Premium Shop for even more magic, with Disney Parks-inspired clothing and furniture, such as a Jungle Cruise Boat Bundle! Fan favorites from last year’s Disney Parks Star Path will also make appearances in the Premium Shop, including the Pixar Pal-A-Round attraction. Plus, keep an eye out for some surprising Disney and Pixar-inspired additions arriving in weekly rotations, such as an accident-prone rooster animal companion and a House Style that defies gravity. 

Make sure to tune into our official social media as well for upcoming news on a brand new in-game event and don’t forget to claim your Partners Statue from your mailbox to kick off your Dreamlight Park!


Check Your Mailbox… and Other Community-Driven Features!

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With every free update, we are committed to improving the Valley based on feedback from our magical Community! Here’s just some of the features that we prioritized in this Update due to support from fans:

  • Camera Mode Changes: As part of “The Laugh Floor” Update, we implemented some changes to the Furniture Mode camera that sought to increase performance stability. However, we saw that many fans missed the old camera functionality, so we’ve reverted this change – all while maintaining the stability upgrades!
  • The Premium Shop has received some upgrades! 
    • Based off feedback on weekly rotation sizes, expect 8 items / bundles each week moving forward.
    • Speaking of “rotations”, we’ve upgraded the interface of the Premium Shop to show more detailed, revolving displays of items and furniture so you can better see how they fit into your Valley.
  • During a Valley Visit, all participants can now utilize their Royal Tools, including the camera! 
  • Don’t forget to check your mailbox from time to time! Your Valley Villagers will now send you occasional mail… and gifts!



The Story Continues in Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time!

The Valley isn’t the only place getting a wave of new content – it’s time we turned our attention to Eternity Isle. Whether you’re an avid Scramblecoin player or charting a course for this mysterious island for the first time, let’s bring you up to speed.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time expansion pass broadens the Valley’s horizons with a whole new adventure in a mysterious land lost to time. Forge friendships with new Villagers, unlock the secrets of a new Royal Tool, and kick back in three massive new biomes! This expansive adventure unfolds over the course of three acts – three distinct updates released over the course of a year – all of which are included with the purchase of the expansion pass.


SUBHEADER: The Spark of Imagination

Today marks the release of Act II of the expansion pass – “The Spark of Imagination”! Picking up where the first act left off after the “Your Eternal Reward” quest, starting with “The Sunken Ruins” quest from Merlin, discover even more secrets around Ancient’s Landing as you seek the titular Spark of Imagination. Hidden among this biome’s awe-inspiring ancient structures is a secret temple that houses this mystical artifact, initiating a race against time and a familiar foil: Jafar!

You’ll need all the help you can get from your friends – EVE from Disney and Pixar’s WALL•E, Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled – if you hope to tackle the tantalizing puzzles within. Of course, with the stakes of this adventure getting higher, what better way to get a leg up on the competition than with a new friend!


Are You Feeling Lucky?

To unlock the secrets of the Spark of Imagination you’ll need to think outside the box, so it’s your lucky day that Oswald – one of Walt Disney’s first creations – makes his grand debut! Help this mischievous new friend quite literally break down communication barriers and lean into his patented string of good luck as you close in on Jafar’s schemes.

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In addition to playing a key role in Act II of the A Rift in Time storyline Oswald also brings his zest for life to the Valley with an unforgettable series of Friendship Quests. Drawing inspiration from his monochromatic origins, get ready for homages to the silent film era, from anthropomorphized alarm clocks, to quite literally calling a 1920’s cinema home.

Plus, if you’re looking for a break from brilliant technicolor, “The Spark of Imagination” has you covered with a wealth of new items that lean into this iconic era and monochromatic aesthetic. Whether you crave the bold silhouette of the Oswaldian Zoot Suit or are looking to make friends with a monochromatic version of Eternity Isle’s animal companions, you’re bound to make a mark on the Valley!


Upgrades and New Crafting Opportunities Galore!

As you dig into Act II of the expansion pass, you’ll also receive a big upgrade to the Royal Hourglass! We’ve increased the max level of this tool to 4, unlocking new furniture to craft and a new way to use the Time Bending Station.

To start, we've added new Ancient Parts and Fragments to hunt down and collect. Making use of these materials, you’ll find new furniture items to craft at the Time Bending Station that bring iconic Disney and Pixar stories to life, from Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille’s Metro Entrance to King Triton's Throne from Disney’s The Little Mermaid!

Upgrading your Royal Hourglass also unlocks the Time Bending Station’s Dismantle and Upcycle feature. If you have excess Ancient Parts, Fragments, Gifts, or Ancient Cores, dismantling them earns you special new currencies – one for each of these four item types – that can be upcycled to craft other items from that same category. We hope this helps put those unused resources to good use, giving them renewed utility!


Step Up Your Scramblecoin Game

News content  Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finally, get ready to uncover some tricky new strategies in Scramblecoin, with an assortment of new figures to unlock.

If you prefer a support-minded playstyle, Mike Wazowski from Disney and Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. helps buff nearby allies by increasing the number of coins they collect. Then there’s Oswald. His unique risk vs. reward mechanic allows you to move four times, so long as each move lands him on a coin. If he can’t collect a coin on one of those moves, then his sprint is over for the turn.

We can’t wait for you to uncover the other new Scramblecoin figurines and show us your bold new strategies!




We’re so excited to see you explore and experience all that our “Thrills and Frills” Update and Act II of the Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time expansion pass have to offer! Make sure to connect with us on our official social media accounts below and tag us in your in-game photos!






As always, should you run into any issues while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, we first recommend that you check out our known issues here. If you don’t see the issue you’re running into, you can get in touch with our Support team via our contact form. Stumped with a certain quest or objective? Check out our friendly Discord Community for some Disney Dreamlight Valley tips and tricks!

See you in the Valley!