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Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Access Arrives on the Mac App Store on December 6!

29 Nov 2022 5:00 PM

Howdy Valley Villagers! 

It’s been an absolute joy watching your excited reactions to the recent announcement that our next major content update would arrive on December 6. Well, we have one more reason for you to be excited about this date. 

On December 6, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Early Access will release for the Mac operating system with the purchase of a Founder’s Pack, available on the Mac App Store! This will contain all the same content that’s available on other platforms and will receive future content updates alongside them. 

We’re so excited to welcome a new platform’s worth of players into Dreamlight Valley! To make sure Mac users are ready for the day, we’ve prepared the following FAQ: 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I purchase Disney Dreamlight Valley on Mac? 

Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available to purchase on the Mac App Store. 


Will Disney Dreamlight Valley be offered for Mac on Steam or The Epic Games Store? 

We are currently exploring other options for our players on Mac, including these. We have nothing more to share at the moment but be sure to stay tuned to our socials for the latest updates. 


What comes with purchasing a Disney Dreamlight Valley Founder’s Pack on the Mac App Store?  

With the purchase of Disney Dreamlight Valley on the Mac App Store you will receive the content of the Standard Edition:   

• Early Access to Disney Dreamlight Valley  
• 8,000 Moonstones (in-game currency)  
      o This amount of Moonstones could be used to activate the premium Star Path, granting extra rewards for up to 3 seasons  
• Exclusive Standard Ears Headband & Jersey (2 wearable items)  
• Exclusive Standard Furniture Set (7 decoration items)  
• Exclusive Standard Wall & Floor Coverings (2 decoration items)  
• Exclusive Standard Design Motifs (3 motifs to use in the Touch of Magic tool)  


I was not able to play on the other platforms and I missed the First Week Bonus, will you offer it on the Mac App Store?  

Yes! The First Week Bonus will be granted to all new players purchasing the Mac version. If you already have an account, make sure to link it before starting your first session. That way, the First Week Bonus will be granted to your account and not a new one.  


I have an Avatar Code from the Avatar Designer Tool, can I use it to import my avatar into my new game on the Mac App Store version?  

No, this feature is not available on Mac.  


What is the minimum requirements to play Disney Dreamlight Valley on Mac?  

Operating System: macOS 11 or higher  

Processor (CPU): M1 Chip or better 


Does the Mac version support playing with a controller? 

Yes. You may use controllers that are compatible with your Mac device to play Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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