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New food coming to the Valley!

16 Jun 2022 2:00 PM

Heyah future chefs!

I’m Kailey, one of your community managers here on Disney Dreamlight Valley. I’m so excited to show you the latest exciting new items we added to the game thanks to our community over on Instagram! (Don’t forget to follow for all the latest news!)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim, adventure game where you can live alongside a variety of Disney and Pixar heroes and villains in a village of your own design! Food plays an integral part of the game as it replenishes your energy and makes for a great gift for your neighbors! The game team has been hard at work creating a wide array of recipes and wanted to extend the opportunity to create new recipes to you - our future players! So a few days ago, after an exciting brainstorm sessions with our dev team, we asked fans to vote on Disney-inspired food suggestions they’d like to see in the game. We received hundreds of votes choosing from staple Disney Parks favorites to iconic movie dishes. In the end, it was no surprise that the winning options (by a landslide!) were the classic Ratatouille, the nostalgic Mickey Waffles and finally Ariel’s Wedding Cake.


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The first item we wanted to add to the game was a main dish. We wanted to use veggies the players can grow themselves to cook up this dish so we polled on Instagram two recipes created by The Little Chef himself: Ratatouille and Linguini’s soup.

It should come as no surprise that ultimately Ratatouille came out on top! We really wanted to create something that Remy would be proud of which meant a lot of movie watching to make sure we sketched something truly delicious. Make sure you plan to stock up on your veggies in the game since we’ve made this a 5-star meal! (psst… this means it will require 5 ingredients to make). 



Mickey Waffles

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We can’t talk Disney inspired foods without a Park classic. Personally, I have fond memories as a kid making Mickey Waffles my primary source of nutrition when visiting the Parks with my family. A good day always starts with Mickey Mouse themed breakfast right? Luckily, the fans (and the team) shared my passion for waffles and voted this option over pancakes. So, we decided to not only add the classic Mickey Waffle but also plan to add different topping variations to the game like banana, chocolate and more!

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Ariel’s Wedding Cake


Finally, we had to end on desert! It was a tough one between Ariel’s Wedding Cake from Disney’s The Little Mermaid and nostalgic Park popcorn but we let the fans decide and they chose to celebrate with a five tier pink dream cake. One to rival my own future wedding cake, Ariel’s Wedding Cake was so fun to sketch out. The artist included many little details in this perfect pink ode to love, complete with a heart-shaped topper and pink icing roses. Ariel will be so excited to see what you cooked up for her and Eric.

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With that, I hope you all enjoyed helping us pick new and exciting things for the game, and a big thank you to everyone who voted! Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels for more upcoming opportunities to have your voice heard and help up add new ideas to Disney Dreamlight Valley.








See you all real soon!