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October 31 Hotfix Patch Notes

31 Oct 2022 4:00 PM

Happy patch day Valley Villagers! 

We're so glad to see so many of you enjoying your new Valley experiences with Scar! Since the release of Scar’s Kingdom, we’ve been listening closely to the feedback you’ve shared through social media, Discord, and Customer Care, and are happy to share fixes for quite a few of these notable concerns today. 

While the patch is now in the process of being released to all players – please make sure you’re connected to the internet to receive this – it may take up to 2 hours to receive it on your device. We recommend that you check back every so often if you do not yet see it available. 

As with any updates, we urge all Cloud Save users to ensure your current saves are properly backed up to the cloud before switching the platform you’re playing on. 

Please see the detailed list below of what to expect from today’s patch: 


Improvements & Optimization:  

- Improved performance and stability on Xbox. 

- Added Seizure Warning during the game's boot sequence. 

- Added toggle in Settings menu to remove in-game flash effects. This will impact: 

--- Lighting visual asset that flashes during storms 

--- White flashing effect in the clouds during storms (storms will appear as regular rain showers and will continue to be monitored) 

--- Flashing effect upon successfully catching a fish 

- Added toggle in Settings menu to remove in-game screen shake effects. This will impact: 

--- Screen shake upon successfully catching a fish 

--- Screen wobble while waiting during the fishing action 

--- Screen shake while completing the mining action 

--- Screen shake while completing the digging action 

Please note, we will continue to closely monitor community discussion to identify whether additional effects or instances should be added to these toggles. 

- Removed exhaustion effect. 

- Improved clarity of Sunlit Plateau story quest objective description involving root beer. 


Bug Fixes:  

- Fixed quest blocker for Mother Gothel’s “Restoring The Sunstone” quest. We acknowledge that the previous fix did not resolve the issue for all players, so we are continuing to closely monitor this fix to see its impact on the community. 

- Fixed an issue preventing villagers from accepting meals in Chez Remy. 

- Fixed the castle motif on the Disney Castle t-shirt. 

- Fixed an issue that prevented players from picking up some items at the base of palm trees on Dazzle Beach. 

- Fixed the Toy Story-themed Fancy Table to allow objects placed on it to be picked up. 

- Moved a lamp in Mickey’s house to prevent objects from getting stuck behind it. 

- Scar's Friendship quest and gifting will now only become available after completing the Sunlit Plateau story quest. 

- Halloween rewards acquired from Dreamlight Duties can now be properly bought again from Scrooge's Delivery. 

- Pressing "B" (Circle) now properly skips dialog boxes. 

- The "Trick or Treat" Dreamlight Duty now properly requires gifting candies to characters. 

- The Webbed Tree in the Villains Star Path can now be found under the Foliage category in the Wardrobe menu. 

- Various online service improvements. 

- Scar's Volcano Stove now requires coal to cook with. 

- Scar's Volcano Stove can now be selected after being placed in the world. 

- The Collection menu will now update itself properly after collecting items. 

- Swapped the item color of Moana’s level 10 Friendship item to its intended color scheme. 


Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to share their experiences with the game and report issues through Customer Care! Your support is integral to the process of identifying and resolving these bugs, so we appreciate your support and patience as we work towards the best play experience possible! 


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