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After linking your account, watch participating streams to be able to claim the rewards. 

New campaigns & Rewards Coming Soon!

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Watch Disney Dreamlight Valley streams on Twitch and get in-game rewards! 

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Howto Step 0 Icon Disney Dreamlight Valley

Log in to Twitch and to the platform where you play Disney Dreamlight Valley and link them together.

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Go to a participating Disney Dreamlight Valley stream on Twitch and start accumulating viewing minutes.

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Go to your Drops Inventory and claim your in-game rewards before they expire.

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Launch Disney Dreamlight Valley and visit your in-game mailbox to redeem your rewards. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops are rewards given in-game and unlocked by viewing your favorite channels on Twitch.  Meet each Drop goal and claim them on Twitch before the expiration date. To claim the in-game rewards, you will need to link your Twitch account to your Disney Dreamlight Valley account.

How will I receive my in-game rewards?

Once the Drop goal is reached, you will be able to "Claim" the Drop from the Chat window or your Drops Inventory. After claiming your Drop on Twitch, you must link your Twitch and Disney Dreamlight Valley accounts to receive the items in-game via your in-game mailbox.

When will I receive my in-game Drops rewards?

The in-game rewards will be delivered within 24 hours. Make sure your player profile is online.

Which streams do I need to watch to get the in-game rewards?

Visit the Disney Dreamlight Valley category and look for participating broadcasts. Each minute watched, no matter the combination of channels, will count towards the Drops goals. A Drops status overlay can typically be found at the top of the chat window when enabled.

I have two game accounts; can I claim the in-game rewards on both?

No. You cannot receive the in-game rewards more than once. Your Twitch account can only be linked to one Disney Dreamlight Valley account. Each account can only claim the same reward once.

I have one account, but I play on multiple platforms. Will I have the in-game rewards on all platforms?

Yes, once the in-game reward is claimed in your Drops Inventory and redeemed in your in-game mailbox, it will be added to your player profile and shared, along with your progression, on all supported platforms.

Do I need a Prime Gaming membership to be eligible?

No, you will simply need a Twitch account and a game account validated through a partner login (Nintendo, Steam, Microsoft, Xbox, Epic Games, or PlayStation).

What will happen if I decide to unlink my account?

If you unlink your Twitch account from your chosen platform accounts, you won't be able to earn any new Drops. Although, you will keep the Drops you have already earned. You will be able to re-link your accounts at any point by visiting this page.

My question is not listed above.

For more information, please visit the Twitch Drops help page. If you are a streamer and are looking for more information, please visit: Streamer FAQ.

What is a Cloud Save Account?

You can create a Gameloft Cloud Save Account to protect your Disney Dreamlight Valley progress from the in-game Title Screen by entering your email address and choosing a password.

Why do I need to identify myself to link my account?

You need to link your in-game account to your Twitch account to receive the drops. 

Will there be more opportunities to get Twitch Drops?

Stay tuned to our social media channels and Twitch page to learn more about future Twitch Drops.

Do I need a game account to participate in Twitch Drop campaigns?

Yes. You need to already own Disney Dreamlight Valley and have a game account in order to participate in Twitch Drop campaigns. Otherwise, you will receive an error when trying to log in and link the game account to your Twitch account.

What are the minimum requirements to claim the in-game rewards?

You will need to link your Twitch account and your Disney Dreamlight Valley account. You will also need your Disney Dreamlight Valley game to be updated to version 1.4. The rewards will not be delivered on older versions.