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May 13 Hotfix Patch Notes

13 May 2024 2:00 PM
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Howdy Valley Villagers!

It’s hotfix day! Following up on our recent ”Thrills & Frills” update, we’ve been hard at work monitoring your feedback. We're happy to share that we have a suite of fixes that help address some of the current hot topics within the community.

As always, we want to thank all of you for your support in sharing your game experiences with us! Not only does this help us prioritize the bugs that matter to you, but it helps us identify points of gameplay friction that could be further improved.

Check out all the details of what’s included in this hotfix below:



- If a Boutique challenge is cancelled, there is no longer a 24-hour waiting period before a new challenge can be accepted. A new challenge can be accepted immediately.

- A grid is now visible when editing a challenge tableau in the Boutique.

- Tips have been added in Daisy Duck's “You Have Mail” quest to better introduce the Boutique gameplay.



- Optimizations to reduce crashing. Further improvements are in progress for Update 11.

- “Oswald's Many Dimensions” quest: Purchasing or collecting (i.e. via Clothing Bags) the 3D Glasses before reaching the relevant step in the questline no longer blocks progress.

- “Oswald's Many Dimensions” quest: Updated quest requirements to "light-colored pants" instead of "white pants", which allows for a greater variety of options to be used.

- Fixed an issue which prevented “A Day At Disney” Star Path duties from appearing.

- Fixed an issue which caused the Premium Shop to appear empty.

- Door frames and wall items are no longer displayed when the camera moved behind a wall.

- Crafting the Main Street Path creates 4 path tiles (prev. 1), as intended.

- Boutique challenges are no longer cancelled if the “No, I’ll stay in the challenge” option is selected.

- Items acquired through in-game events no longer appear as favorite gifts for Villagers.

- The red notification dot now disappears as intended after visiting the Premium Shop.

- Dreamlight Fruit can now be harvested as intended during Valley Visits.

- Hovering over an occupied grid space in Edit Mode causes the selected item to become translucent, as intended.

- Updated the game loading screen to display the “Thrills & Frills” key art.

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