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The Laugh Floor Update

28 Feb 2024 2:00 PM

Hey Valley Villagers!

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first Update of 2024, “The Laugh Floor,” is now LIVE on all platforms! Brush your fur, practice your punch lines, and channel your inner jokester to welcome an EYEconic and unFURgettable duo.

Who knew that funny business was so much work?

Kick off this update content by heading over to the Dream Castle where a new Realm Door awaits! In the past, you’ve visited a Parisian kitchen, an Arendellian forest, and now you’re headed… to work? You’ll be clocking in on The Laugh Floor – but before you can begin your shift, you’ll need to look the part. Create your own monstrous disguise (don’t worry, a standard issue Monsters, Inc. Hard Hat is included), snap a picture for your security ID, and meet your new coworkers. 

It seems like the Laugh Power launch party left quite a mess – a PERFECT job for the Laugh Floor’s newest intern - but with a little bit of Dreamlight and a lot of elbow grease, you could become Employee of the Month! Through a brand new series of quests, you’ll help out Mike Wazowski and Sulley with a variety of laugh-related tasks – ending up with two new friends for you to invite to Dreamlight Valley. But the laughs don’t stop there – each Villager arrives with their own friendship questlines and rewards – you’ll just have to break it to them that you might be human first. 

Check your mailbox…

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As teased and unlocked by fans as rewards for our Community Challenge in 2022, two special surprises await you in your in-game mailbox! All players will find a Dreamlight Armor costume as well as a Partners Statue inspired by the iconic statue of the same name found in some Disney Parks around the world.  We’re thrilled to deliver these long-awaited items to all players and see them become a part of your Valleys. 

Live Monstrously in the Valley

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Mike and Sulley aren’t the only monstrous characters arriving in the Valley in this Update! With new cosmetic options added to the player customization menu, players can create their own monstrous Avatars with a variety of fantasy skin tones, patterns, contact lenses and even fantasy ear shapes, found in the earring menu. 

Scrooge McDuck's Shop gets an upgrade!

Scrooge McDuck’s store is getting a major upgrade – and surprising absolutely everyone that it won’t cost you a single Star Coin! Once the store is upgraded to its maximum level (or if it’s already at maximum level) you can now expect a much larger upper level, with a variety of pedestals and areas to buy different furniture types. 

In addition to multiple areas dedicated to wall furnishings, rugs and more, there will be increased chances to purchase items that you are missing from your collection.

Fall in love with the “Lovely Monsters” Star Path

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Add to your already monstrous new look with exciting cosmetics such as makeup and wig options – or kick it old school with Disney and Pixar’s Monsters University-inspired Dream Styles for your new pals, Mike and Sulley. 

You can also decorate for the perfect Valley Visit with your Schmoopsie Poo with Swan Boats and Chocolate Fountains – or bring some Grecian inspiration to your Valley with Disney’s Hercules themed outdoor furniture!

Comfy never looked so good.

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Pick up the new Starlight House Bundle in the Premium Shop to add the ultimate cozy collection of accessories to your Valley! Featuring a variety of slumber-party essentials for your avatar and a new Dream Style for Belle, you can decorate your in-game homes with new furniture items, including a Starry Sky Projector that brings the stars indoors for the perfect night in or select the new Provincial Library House Dream Style. As this new type of bundle does not include any quest content, all items can be found in your collection once purchased!

The Premium Shop also gets new items in our latest Update with Monsters, Inc. collection must-haves such as a Boo Onesie, a Dreamlight Valley version of the Disney Parks attraction Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!, and much more!

Players will also discover fan favorites from past Star Paths making their way to the Premium Shop this season! Expect to see rewards from our previous Pixar Fest and Centennial Star Paths appear in weekly shop rotations this season. 

Hop into the Eggstravaganza once again!

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Spring event returns! From March 27th to April 17th, expect a variety of new flora to appear in the Valley. Collect Wild Spring Eggs, Spring V-EGG-etables and Egg-cellent fruit from Egg Fruit bushes to contribute to seasonal Dreamlight Duties and craft seasonal furniture. 

Be sure to also complete returning daily and weekly quests with WALL·E to help you stock up on extra event materials!

Get up to date on the latest Patch Notes

Don’t forget to read up on this update’s Patch Notes for even more information regarding bug fixes and changes. As always, we committed to improving the Valley based on the feedback from our magical Community! Here’s just two of the features that we prioritized in this Update due to their support from our fans:

- Make your avatar more uniquely you with the Name Change Feature! Found in the Settings menu, you can now change your name as often as you change your style in-game.

- Doors are back in Scrooge McDuck’s store! Missing for quite some time, we’ve prioritizing resolving a bug that removed doors from shop rotations in updates past.

As always, should you run into any issues while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, we first recommend that you check out our known issues here. If you don’t see the issue you’re running into, you can get in touch with our Support team via our contact form. Running into issues with a certain quest or objective? Check out our friendly Discord Community for some Disney Dreamlight Valley tips and tricks!